Typeforce 5

Typeforce: A Conversation About Type & Design in Chicago premiered February 28, 2014 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. Typeforce is the annual showcase of emerging typographic artists; an exhibition designed to express the visual communication of type. At the opening, I was delighted to observe a huge crowd of the organizers, designers, and art enthusiasts of all types. Typeforce brought forth typography as a visual and cultural force where social critiques and commentaries, new media techniques, appropriations, and linguistic musings served as a place for dialogue and rumination. Furthermore, the event provided a space where the typographic all-stars demonstrated skills, interests, and trends. I could not help but wonder why creatives exist in bubbles, conversing and influencing only those within their particular sphere. However, Typeforce carried a presence with an interdisciplinary prowess and contemporary relevance.

Shawna X’s It’s Warm Inside is a design pillar that could not be more relevant to Chicago’s weather. The piece presents its idea with a visual at once whimsical and analytical.