A Mix by Studio Mosaic

Japanoise will take you to a small red-doored garage in Tokyo filled with intensely cathartic sound explorations and melodies. This mix will introduce you to an unreserved and expressive genre. Japanoise represents the forces that have relentlessly questioned authority since the 1970’s.

Keiji Haino (guitarist & singer) is behind three of the bands in this mix. Now a legend in Japanese experimental music Haino retains a distinctive instrumentation coupled with expansive sonic explorations.

00:00 Aihiyo (哀秘謡) - いとしのマックス (My Darling Max)

02:38 Aihiyo (哀秘謡) - 何故に二人はここに (Why The Two Of Us Here)

05:05 Les Rallizes Dénudés (裸のラリーズ) - 氷の炎 (Flames Of Ice)

07:35 Les Rallizes Dénudés (裸のラリーズ) - Enter the Mirror

14:45 Fushitsusha (不失者) - これぐらい このまま それぐらい そのまま

18:00 Fushitsusha (不失者) - 夢が先に「主語」を名のってしまったから

24:30 Keiji Haino - I Said This is the Son of Nihilism

Genre: Japanese Noise Music / Psychedelic / 間 (Ma)

Release: Sept 2016

Duration: 30:00

Listener Accessibility: 4/10