Songs For Big Boys to Cry to

Paul Brinnel

Songs for Big Boys to Cry to is disjointed and unabashedly self-indulgent. 5 songs written between 2015 and 2018, each a different genre. I started working on this in December 2016, shortly after finishing Songs for People Like Me. 29 months later, I’ve got something I really enjoy-  songs I like in styles that amuse me.

This EP never exactly settles what it’s trying to be, but it tries on its hats of love and loss very amusedly; that journey a spectacle in lieu of destination. Originally there were a few more songs planned, but I cut em, and the final product works nicely as a mirror to Songs for People Like Me - frivolous but meaning-adjacent.

-Paul Brinnel, June, 2019

Genre: DIY, Piano Rock, Light Prog

Album Art: Timothy Dilich

Release: June 2019

Duration: 17:49