Songs For People Like Me

Paul Brinnel

Songs For People Like Me is an experiment in artistic intent, the notion of “me” at the center of it. Who (or what) is me? Is me the disc? The music itself? The artist? The listener? An abbreviation for the state of Maine? Or is it a deliberate abstraction, probing the very notion of self-deference, content to confuse the analytic listener with its implicit premise hidden behind a pithy vestige of pale hullabaloo?

These five songs were written throughout 2015. They all muse on moving on from languished love. I was listening to a lot of Harry Nilsson, Carole King and Leon Russell around the time of writing. Tracking took place largely in my bathtub, as well as basements, a living room, and an attic. But what an attic!

-Paul Brinnel, April, 2017

Photos by Amos Rose

Genre: DIY, Soft Funk, Jazz Piano

Album Art: Timothy Dilich

Release: Apr 2017

Duration: 15:35